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Shoulder Tourma Heal Pad (Carefit-STCM)

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Effect of tourmaline on the body include helps to rebuild the endocrine system.

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It is a Tourmanium Heat Mat ergonomically designed for multi-purpose uses. It can be used in various ways, such as on your shoulders, back, belly, buttocks, arms, hands, legs and feet. Carefit Shoulder Tourma Mat is very portable and flexible and can be lied upon and also put on top of the body in bed. Also it’s flexibility and size is ideal for the use on a chair to provide warmth and the health benefits while sitting.
Carefit Multi Heating Pad is constructed using the special nano ceramic ‘Tourma’ which, enables comfort with deep heat and provide improvement of blood circulation. It is different from normal heating mats available by other manufacturers.  This neck & shoulder pad  provides not only deep heat but other health beneficals such as FIR and Anions. Tourma stone acts as the heat conducting element and also its shape provides acupressure & moxibustion sensations to the users.

Positive Testimonials include relief from:
Muscle Tension/Pains
Insomnia, Headache, Migraine, Sinus
Cholesterol control, Blood Pressure, Weight loss
Detoxification, Skin Tone
Blood circulation, Metabolism, Immune System, Joint Mobility, Urogenital Functions
Fatigue, Stress, Balancing Energy Flow, General Wellbeing, Healthy Growth

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