Fully Automatic Thermal Massage Bed (Carefit-4500W) (*with auto backlift)

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Quick Overview

Carefit has launched the most awaited latest thermal massage bed.

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Carefit Therapeutic massage instrument 4500W gives effects of Far-infrared rays, acupressure, massager, chiropractic and heat to give maximum therapeutic health benefits. *Full body rollers: back portion 7 jade rollers and leg portion 4 jade rollers. * Inbuilt carbon fibers heater to give the effect of heat and Far-infrared Rays. * Two external projectors: one is 9 jade ball projector and other is 3 jade ball projector. * Digital Big Display Remote Controller. * Exclusively new design for modern luxurious look. *Special feature with Automatic modes Automatic and Manual modes to suit your requirement.

How it Works

When the jade is heated, it emits far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into your body and relieves pain, improves blood circulation, reduces tension and stress and in time – improves muscle flexibility.

Jade is known as a healing stone and has been known to boost depleted spirits. It provides a steady stream of positive energy that help you slowly recover from past problems.

Jade can also be used to increase longevity and luck (of course, it’s not scientifically proven to do that…)

To get the right temperature, you can crank it all the way up to the highest heat level possible. Within a few minutes the pad is really warm and you can adjust downward with no problems.

With proper application, hot jade stones have been proven to relieve:

  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Deep muscle tissue pain
  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis pain
  • …and basically any body pain you’d take painkillers or get massage therapy for!

Health Benefits

1. Burns calories and regulates weight, burning up to 300 calories per session!
2. Relieves tension, stress and fatigue
3. Renews immune system health
4. Normalizes cholesterol
5. Lowers blood pressure
6. Relieves pain, muscle tension and fatigue
7. Improves skin tone and eliminates acne
8. Decreases joint stiffness, edema and other
9. Encourages Weight Loss by increasing metabolism and body temperature
10 Stimulates cellular and enzyme activity
11 Improves flow within the lymphatic system
12 Increases circulation and nourishes damaged tissue
13 Clears cellulite by breaking down the fat and waste stored in pockets below the skin
14 Decreases the Density of Uric Acid
15 Reduces the Effects of Injuries
16 Encourages Metabolic Rate
17 Prevents Premature Aging

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