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Motorized Exercise Bike

Mini exercise bicycles are the best choices for portable cardiovascular fitness equipment. Whether you are getting fit, working to lose weight, or executing rehabilitation, mini exercise bikes are lightweight, stable and practical. Even the most expensive mini exercise bicycle is less expensive than a single piece of commercial cardiovascular exercise equipment. Mini pedal exerciser bike can also be used as an upper body ergometer. Most mini bikes come with pedals double as handles having indentions on them that contour to your hands. These multi-purpose pedals can be used with either a pronated (palms down) or suppinated grip (palms up.) Alternately you can get purchased handles so that you can have a palms-in grip for comfort. Motorized mini exercise bikes help when you are rehabilitating your upper or lower body. Motorized exercise bikes and arm pedal machines are great for circulation. Although the cranks are shorter on a miniature exercise bike, you can still definitely get your heart pumping and get a great workout! Exercise at work easily with a miniature exercise bicycle. Some modifications may need to be done to your desk including raising it. This portable mini motorized bike has a wider base than most others making it a slightly sturdier option. Mini exercise bicycles will stay in place on most surfaces because of their rubber feet.

The Motorized Mini Bike is great for low-impact exercise and fitness. Ideal if you are dealing with declining muscle strength, want to keep up with Physical Therapy without going to a Rehab Center, or simply attempting to stay in shape regardless the weather or busy schedule!
The workout you get from spending 20 minutes in a chair working with the Motorized Mini Bike or exercise bike is roughly equivalent to 15 minutes jogging or 30 minutes walking. There is, however, less increase in blood pressure or stress on the heart and lungs, and no exposure to inclement weather. You can also
keep track of average value of calories burned during workout.


Price Rs. 10000


Rs. 8400

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Daily use can help you to:

  1. Tone muscles, strengthening and shaping arms and leg
  2. Burn calories
  3. Increase metabolism
  4. Increase circulation
  5. Raise oxygen levels
  6. Reduce muscle cramping
  7. Improve flexibility (without stress on joints)
  8. Relieve tension
  9. Increase energy
  10. Can be used for both lower and upper body workouts
  11. Better option to exercise cycles
  12. Can be easily stored in a small place
  13. Exercise can be done by sitting on a comfortable chair