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Head & Eye Massager

One of the latest renovating product for refreshment and relief for tired head & eyes is Head & Eyes Massager. This can gently relieve muscle aches and strain around the eyes, most of these massagers are designed in keeping with the principles of acupuncture theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to acupuncture teachings, massage of these acupoints will increase the oxygen supply to the eye and brain, relax nerves in the brain, and improve your sleep. The modern explanation is that the massage of muscles near the eyes gives relief from minor aches, pains and subtle distress that we perceive as tension or "pressure". You can feel the relaxation of taut muscles and constricted arteries at the front and back of the head, and on the scalp. Try this Carefit massage to soothe, de-stress, relax the crucial area of your eyes and feel the benefits all over.

Head & Eye Massager has been developed based on the principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian treatment and with combination of modern science & technology. It starts with the meridian in head, stimulates the peripheral nerves, promotes the head micro circulation, open channels & activate blood via massaging the head & effectively boosts the functions of central nervous system to prevent cerebral arteriosclerosis, neurasthenia and insomnia, stroke, dementia and sensory dysfunction of the central nervous system, movement disorders and other diseases, enhance memory and anti-aging, head to meet the day to day care of people and health care needs.

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Some of the key features of this massager are given below:-

Multi-directional airbag, kneading & pressing acupuncture points in the head, help open the head Meridian, enhance blood circulation, remove eye fatigue and improve eye sight.

Multi-point acupuncture through the distribution of hundreds of biomass root cones to acupuncture on the head to increase the oxygen, exchange function of the brain, eliminate head pain & improve head health.

Comfortable brain wave music to make you sleepy with the effect of natural music, remove the tension of the cerebral nerves, release the spiritual stress, improve the self-recovery of the brain cells, stimulate the potential of thinking.

Gentle Heating function soft warm effect can not only promote the blood circulation, but also reduce the pain and sense of tension in head & eyes.