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Kneading Infrared Wave Foot Massage

Your feet is one of the most sensitive part in the human body.The body's 12 meridians directly or indirectly, has a relationship with the feet. There are more than 60 points below the ankle which are closely related with the internal organs. These organs are the sole representative of the corresponding regions, namely reflex zones.

The reflex zones can be therapeutically treated with this kneading pulse foot massager (Patent pending). This offering is a new generation of super-functional foot massage, unique & innovative structural design, upscale & elegant appearance, a collection of multi-point rotary kneading massage, low frequency pulse, and hyper-thermia functions into one.

Benefits of a Foot Massage

We have a lot of nerve endings and capillaries in the feet. They are connected to other areas of the body. That is where reflexology comes in. By stimulating a certain area of the foot, another portion of the body is affected.

* Healing – Circulation is increased with a foot massage. This works for diabetic patients who have trouble with wound healing, especially on the feet. The increased blood flow can speed healing.

* Surgical pain – Foot massage can help to reduce pain after a surgical procedure elsewhere in the body. The amount of medication you have to take could be little or none.

* Vascular disease – Faulty valves can lead to fluid retention in the tissues and problems with the veins in your legs. Massaging the foot can help increase the blood flow to these areas preventing serious problems with clots, excess fluid and pain.


The Carefit leg massager gives you an overall sense of well-being. The kneading heads effectively relax your feet, ankle and calves replicating the hands of a professional masseur. This soothes your leg muscles therefore reducing pain and ailments in your leg.

The reflexology foot plates with gentle vibration modes, functions not only to relax you but also promotes blood circulation. Moreover you can adjust the vibration modes to your desired intensity. With the combined effort of the kneading and vibratory actions, you feel refreshed and alive even after a hectic day. This Carefit foot massager consumes very less electricity and requires a power supply of 220 to 240 volts to operate.


1) It adopts different modes of kneading massage with low-frequency pulse function. It is also designed according to the concept of modern technology. It can eliminate the daily stress of foot, bring user the most effective and dynamic foot massage, and allow user to enjoy unlimited pleasure!

2) Health Massage combined with fixed-point kneading, low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy, and infrared pulse function gives user an unparalleled experience.

3) Mobile intelligent controller can be freely stretched, which makes it convenient and comfortable.

4) The massage intensity can be easily adjusted by tilting body, which makes user extremely comfortable.

5) 6 massage heads, strong intensity, and stimulation manual kneading, easy to reach the depth of foot massage points.

6) Around the massage heads is the low-frequency region. Automatic and manual selection of 25 different
pulse massage modes, each one gives different sense of enjoyment.

7) This machine is specially equipped with external electrode wire and electrode patches for massaging various parts of the body.
Kneading massage and pulse massage can be individually selected or used at the same time.