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Carefit-4000 Automatic Thermal Massage Bed

Carefit-4000 is the lowest cost korean therapy bed which is ergonomically designed considering the natural curvature of the spine. It provides a pleasant and comfortable feeling during the massage session. It maximizes the effect of massage, finger pressure and moxibustion with optimal fit to the spine line. The bed has tourmaline sheet on its leg side for extra infrared massage. It also has original set of 4 jade rollers which massage our spine perfectly with more acupressure effect.

External projector with various functions

External projector (3-shpere) is applicable to various parts of the body including the abdomen and arms where the internal projector cannot reach.  Two people can use simultaneously with the external projectors.  9-sphere external projector is also supplied with this bed.

Manner of Operation / Benefits:


During a thermal massage bed session, the user optimally alleviates their spinal column, positioning it in the horizontal position, while a massage carriage with JADE massage rolls glides from their neck over the spinal column to the coccyx and back again.

The Jade rollers relax tense muscles along the neck and the spinal column, while at the same time the
infrared heat penetrates deep into the body.

Beneficial infrared heat:

 While massaging and relaxing the muscles in the back and legs, the used high quality JADE massage rolls emit infrared heat, which can be set at between 40 - 70 degrees. An ergonomically shaped hand-held device which has nine & three Jade hemispheres is available to enable the user to supply infrared energy to frontal areas, for example to the stomach or the chest.


Price Rs 99000

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Installing Carefit-4000 Bed