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Infrared Pulse Wave Foot Massager

Most modern people are engaged in heavy work and life stress, have little time for sports and outdoor activities. Are you engaged in heavy work and life stress and have little time for sports or outdoor activities? This Best Foot Massager is designed for these modern people. Wave Pulse Foot Massager has lots of acupoints in sole. Electric foot massager can exercise your muscles, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, beautify the skin and shape your figure and the Electric Foot Massager is very important for people's health to keep good blood circulation in foot. Electric foot massager soothes your body from the feet up! Now, with such an innovative design electric foot massager, you can rest, relax and enjoy yourself after a hard day's work!


Price Rs 7000

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1). With the integration of bio-electromagnetic technology and western medicine theory to control the device by using high-tech computer chip control features of digital technology, with the design to fit with the feet points by adding low-frequency pulses and sending electromagnetic waves into the body through the soles of feet, with the plasma generator to kill bacteria and infrared thermal temperature effect, this machine is to achieve relieving pain, clearing the meridians, detoxing skin beauty, eliminating fatigue and other health effects. Particularly suitable for people under tension and stress and elderly people.

2). Elegant appearance and fashion design.

3). Improves bodily fluid base-acid equilibrium

4). Built-in infrared capabilities, effective dredge the meridians and disseminating blood.

5). Different kind of massage modes, each of which has targeted the decomposition of fat, elimination of toxins, and effective physiotherapy foot. 99 step by step electromagnetic waves for the intensity.

6). Enclosed slimming belt (OPTIONAL at extra cost) and eight electrode patches to facilitate the various parts of the body massage to help treatment in shoulder pain and eliminate excess fat in the back, legs, waist and arms.

7) Increases bloos circulation

8). It is convenient to remote control all kinds of massage programs. Extremely user-friendly microcomputer automatic control system makes it easy to understand all functions.

9). Set of physical therapy, magnetic therapy, massage functions into one.It is compact, portable and simple to use.

10) Enhances the functions of internal organ

11) Using for 15 minutes is equal to thousands of brisk walk.

12) It consumes just 12 watts of power and comes with a fully functional remote.

13) Reduces muscle fatigues.

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