Natural & Preventive Healthcare
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Thermal Massage Therapy Benefits

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Removes Toxin Overload


Blood Flow

Leads to

Pain Relief

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Why Carefit Devices are so much low priced?

Some people also think that why our machines are so much cheaper, almost with 50% - 90% discounted price as compared to the price of other similar products in the same segment, by other korean companies. Most of the big Korean companies had setup free therapy centres all over although there is nothing free in this world. These thermal massage therapie centres work as their advertisement centres for their massage beds. They need to cover up their centre expenses & dealer margin etc from the cost of their machines itself which make most of their machines almost 150%-800% costlier. Carefit India sells their machines directly to end user at lower prices and not through distributors or dealers network. Our users also get service support directly from our company. Most of our healthcare machines are more feature rich & latest in their categories. Carefit Machines are 100% authentic, CE & ROHS approved, genuine and gives the same miraculous health benefits to everyone.